Aloe polyphylla

Family: Asparagaceae

Common name: SPIRAL ALOE

Native to: Eastern Cape Of South Africa, Lesotho

Sentiment: wisdom and integrity


Type: cactus or succulent

Form: rosette

Leaves evergreen

Max height: 1.75 feet

Max width: 3.3 feet


orange, red, secondary color present


green, secondary color present


Attracts wildlife: hummingbird

Plant part consumed by birds: nectar

Plant features: evergreen

Exposure: sun

Propagates by: cutting, division, seed

flowers in spring

Soil type: loam

USDA Zones: zone 7 to 0 f, zone 8 to +10 f, zone 9 to +20 f

Temp. range: 0 to +30 °F

Water: dry, regular

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  • Aloe polyphylla  weg0077