Arabis procurrens var. fernandi-coburgi ‘Old Gold’

Family: Brassicaceae

Common name: ROCK CRESS

Synonym: Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi old gold


Type: perennial

Forms: clumping, erect

Max height: 0.33 feet

Max width: 1 foot


white/off white


green, secondary color present


Attracts wildlife: adult butterfly, specific butterfly species

Exposure: shade, sun

Propagates by: seed

flowers in spring

flowers in summer

Soil type: well drained

USDA Zones: zone 7 to 0 f, zone 8 to +10 f, zone 9 to +20 f

Temp. range: 0 to +30 °F

Water: drought tolerant, moderate

  • Arabis ferdinandi coburgi old gold   weg0092 2
  • Arabis ferdinandi coburgi old gold   weg0092 3
  • Arabis ferdinandi coburgi old gold   weg0092

Arabis is a member of the Brassicaceae family comprised of 127 species.

Three perennials are cultivated: Arabis alpina, Arabis blepharophylla and procurrens var. fernandi-coburgi. They prefer moderate watering, though the procurrens variety is also drought tolerant. They both grow to under a foot tall - alpina in Zones 4-9, the other two in Zones 7-9.

Arabis blepharophylla, or ROCK CRESS, flowers in summer and grows to just under half a foot tall. Arabis procurrens var. fernandi-coburgi flowers in spring and summer.

Brassicaceae family attracts a long list of butterfly species.
Arabis in particular attracts five butterflies: Anthocharis stella, Stella Orangetip, Anthocharis julia Southern Rocky Mountain Orangetip, Anthocharis lanceolata, Gray Marble, Anthocharis thoosa, Southwestern Orangetip, and Euchloe lotta, Desert Marble.