Scabiosa caucasica

Family: Caprifoliaceae


Native to: Caucasus Mountains


Type: perennial

Forms: clumping, erect, tufted

Max height: 2.0 feet






Attracts wildlife: specific butterfly species

Exposure: sun

Landscape use: container

Soil type: well drained

USDA Zones: zone 4 -30 f, zone 5 to -20 f, zone 6 to -10 f, zone 7 to 0 f, zone 8 to +10 f, zone 9 to +20 f

Water: regular

There are 72 species of Scabiosa, also called PINCUSHION FLOWER or SCABIOUS and a member of the Caprifoliaceae family. Two are cultivated perennials – Scabiosa caucasica and columbaria. Both can be propagated via cutting, seed, or division, and grow to two feet high. They flower in summer, sometimes into fall, prefer moderate to regular watering, and thrive in Zones 4-10. The images shown here with wildlife perched on Scabiosa blossoms illustrates the visual delight provided by the attributes of this plant and the insects it attracts.

Scabiosa caucasica is a violet flowering perennial (or biennial) that grows to 2' high by 2' wide. It is native to the Caucasus Mountains. The parent flowers are violet, the cultivar 'Fama' are a darker purple; it flowers in summer and fall. The leaves are green, simple, whorl or spiral, and lanceolate with a fairly smooth margin and a pointed tip. It can be cultivated via division, cutting or seed and will grow in Zones 4-9. Grow it in well-drained soil, in sun, in a container if you want, and give it moderate or regular watering.

Scabiosa attracts Vanessa annabella, WEST COAST LADY

Vanessa annabella 2
Vanessa annabella 2