Ageratina occidentalis

Family: Celastraceae

Common name: SPINDLE TREE

Synonym: Euonymus occidentalis

Native to: Southern California


Type: perennial

Forms: clumping, erect

Max height: 3.3 feet

Max width: 3.3 feet


blue/green, yellow




Attracts wildlife: adult butterfly, specific butterfly species

Exposure: light shade, sun

Propagates by: seed

flowers in spring

flowers in summer

Soil type: well drained

USDA Zones: zone 5 to -20 f, zone 6 to -10 f, zone 7 to 0 f, zone 8 to +10 f, zone 9 to +20 f

Temp. range: -20 to +30 °F

Water: moderate, regular

Butterflies that feed on this plant

Ageratina, a genus containing 337 species, is a member of the Celastraceae family. Ageratina occidentalis, WESTERN SNAKEROOT or SPINDLE TREE, is a native wildflower that grows in the western portion of the United States, especially in southern California. It propagates by seed, grows to 3½ feet tall, and prefers moderate to regular watering.

Ageratina altissima tolerates dry conditions. It grows from seed to 6½ feet tall and prefers light shade. It is native to eastern North America.

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Blossoms of Ageratina attract the MONARCH to feed.