December 31, 2014
Susan Dunlap
Aerulean™ Plant Identification Systems, Inc.

Aerulean™ Issued U.S. Patent No. 8, 577,616 for SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLANT IDENTIFICATION

MENLO PARK, Calif.— Aerulean™ Plant Identification Systems, Inc. announced today that they have recently been awarded a second U.S. Patent for a method to IDENTIFY plants.

This achievement, thirteen years in the making, complements their recent launch of online software that enables users to select and identify plants for personal and horticultural purposes.

"This is wonderful news as we add a second issued U.S. Patent to our portfolio. The patent further protects our ability to expand the software so we can better serve the public. It is a huge validation for my primary discovery that the ‘growing tip’ of a plant or branch tip is a novel resource that is useful for plant identification."

"It has been our goal to create new tools to address obstacles in the current system and to infuse Aerulean's proprietary identification and selection tools with targeted software solutions to these obstacles," said CEO Susan Dunlap. "We will continue to expand the existing database and look forward to future collaborations with others who care about improving access to the plant kingdom. We have launched our initial configuration of these solutions."

Aerulean’s software is freely available online and has attracted users from all over the world, including KEW gardens, UC Davis, and numerous public and private gardeners and administrators.

Aerulean is in the business of filling information gaps in the horticulture industry with modern identification, selection, and informational tools. It is Aerulean’s goal to create tools that will enable consumers to more easily gather information about plants.

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